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Third Wave Committee Applications

Apr 4, 2022

We are excited to announce the third of four waves of applications to be part of the MUMS committee next year! 

Applications must be made via this google form by FRIDAY THE 15TH OF APRIL. Interviews will take place in the wc 18th of April.

The roles we will be interviewing for are: 

Head concert manager:

The Head Concert Manager is responsible for overseeing the management of all evening concerts throughout the academic year, organising and advising the pool of concert managers. Together with the head ensemble manager, they ensure rehearsal spaces are booked well in advance and communicate ensembles needs to the MHC staff e.g number of stands. They are responsible for scheduling rehearsals and concerts for all orchestral ensembles, liaising with the professional conductor. The Head Concert Manager is also responsible for organising the hire of any additional instruments and solving any issues that may arise relating to concerts. Please consider applying even if you do not have any experience as we have had excellent concert managers this year and previous years that will help you have a smooth transition.

Librarians x2:

The Librarians are responsible for sourcing all of the music over the academic year for MUMS ensembles, from MUWO to symphony orchestra and opera. They source the music, work with the Programmers and the Treasurer to ensure music is able to be hired, liaise with publishers, and prepare scores to be handed out.

The role is ideal for someone who is organised, methodical and proactive. You’ll get to directly contribute to running ensembles, gain insight into the preparation of concerts, and work with a wide variety of people! It will look great on your CV (lots of transferable skills!)

Personnel Manager:
The Personnel Managers are responsible for organising the general MUMS auditions in September and January, and the Solo Concerto Auditions. They then work as a team to organise seating for the MUMS ensembles in liaison with Rob Guy, and help players find deps for rehearsals. Likewise, the Personnel team continually seat ensembles for virtual concerts with the virtual concert team and also seat masterclasses, working with Rob, the Treasurer, and the President.

Generally, a Personnel Manager is assigned to each individual instrumental section: strings (upper/lower), woodwind or brass based on their previous experience. They work together with the Head Concert Manager regarding seating and arrangements within the concerts. In addition, the Personnel Managers will also arrange the teaching scheme within the department.  Any questions about this role, contact Lottie Gorrie!


Programmers select the repertoire for MUWO, MUSO and Symphony Orchestra, amongst other MUMS ensembles when required. They may also write programme notes in conjunction with Publicity in the lead up to concerts. The programming process usually takes this sort of form:
Programmers work with Rob Guy, ensemble managers and Concert Managers to understand what sort of music is demanded by each ensemble.
Programmers search for music online. Their choices may be informed by the following questions:

- What will MUMS members enjoy?
- What music is interesting for all musicians involved?
- What will challenge musicians to an enjoyable and engaging extent?
- What is the concert/event? How can your programme respond to it?
- How can your programme present a balance between well-known music and lesser-known composers?
- How does your programme bring minority composers into the fore?
Programmers work with the librarian to ensure music is available for hire/purchase/printing or already exists in the MUMS inventory.

The application process
You have been asked to select half a semester’s worth of music for Symphony Orchestra. They will rehearse all the music you have chosen in rehearsals and you will decide the order in which they are played for an evening concert.

Your task:

Select enough music to engage Symphony Orchestra for 4 one-hour rehearsals. You may wish to split each rehearsal in half, rehearsing separate pieces, or do one piece each week. Perhaps if you have selected a longer, harder piece, it may need more time to rehearse. You are in command of this schedule.
Note the availability of this music - perhaps it needs to be purchased/hired, or maybe it is immediately available on IMSLP or other online databases.
Consider the balance of your programme: a programme of music which everyone knows will be boring, but one in which all the music is highly obscure may be too challenging.
Engage with minority composers: highlighting the work of female and ethnic minority composers in classical music is highly important in modern music making.
Select one of your pieces to be used in a virtual recording, in the format of that most recently released by Manchester University Big Band (
This piece must be no longer than 15 minutes long, and should take into account that players will record along to a click track on their own - a piece full of rubato, for example, may not be suitable.

Come to your interview prepared to discuss your chosen pieces and share why you want the role. If you have any questions about the position please do not hesitate to contact the current programmers, Jamie and Maren, by email ( Good luck!

Lunchtime programmer/manager:

Please come prepared to discuss a themed lunchtime concert of your choosing with between 3-5 performances. We will be asking why you have programmed particular pieces, how they fit with the theme and why you have picked that theme.
Other skills needed would be organisation, good with managing people, and working in a team with others.

Website Manager:

  • General overseeing and responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance and editing of the music society website:
  • Making sure that all the domains and server side of things are maintained and monitored.
  • We use Google Domains for our domain names
  • WebFlow used for designing, editing and hosting the site
  • Liaising with the treasurer to ensure that payments are correctly made to WebFlow, Google Domains and other services to ensure the website stays afloat.
  • Using WebFlow to make design changes (mostly incremental) when approved by the central MUMS committee.
  • Ensuring efficient delivery of content with a consistent attempt to reduce load time, and to improve security, accessibility, responsiveness, SEO, user and mobile friendliness.
  • We have used website analytics from Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Analytics
  • It is worth keeping an eye on any updates from WebFlow
  • Coordinating with the Vice-President and the Publicity Team to publish website design updates, as well as blog posts and other website content
  • Make sure that the publicity team and other appropriate people have access to the editor

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