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Outreach Bamboo Tamboo Workshops!

Alex Cross
Feb 5, 2021

Zoë with the new sets of Bamboo Tamboo

Zoë is our head of Outreach. Outreach are aiming to help increase music education in schools. We have bought two sets of Bamboo Tamboo percussion instruments to use in schools to run fun and interactive workshops. In the current pandemic, music has become more important yet less accessible than ever - initially these workshops will be lead via zoom, but we look forward to expanding our work as restrictions ease. In December, Zoë ran a marathon to fundraise for the sets and managed to raise over the amount needed to pay for both! Thanks to her amazingly charitable work, we have been able to run workshops for schools (over Zoom), and help get kids interested in music.

Alex Cross
Alex is the Vice President of the society for 2020/21. She is in charge of all things publicity, and heavily involved in all MUMS events.

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