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MUMS student conductor applications NOW OPEN

Mhairi Carson
Feb 9, 2022

Auditions for 2022/23 Student Conductors

Would you like to audition to be one of the ensemble conductors for next academic year? A pool of conductors will be given opportunities across a range of mixed ensembles. We will most likely be looking for 5 or 6 conductors and although there is no “quota”, hopefully a mixture of what will be 2nd & 3rd year undergraduates will apply.

Everyone will have to audition, but the current 2nd year MUMS conductors are not required to participate in the 1st round. These are open to all, even if you have never officially conducted before.

The process will be as follows:

• First Round: rehearsal with MUMS players on Friday 4th March 2022 between 4 and 6pm in the Cosmo. Repertoire is Brahms Symphony No. 2.

• Final Round: rehearsal with MUMS players on Friday 25TH March 2022 between 5 and 8 in G16. Reper-toire is Beethoven Symphony No. 6.

To apply you should email Minnie to express your interest by Monday 14th Feb at 5pm via Note that the applications for the first wave of MUMS committee roles and conducting applications are the same day. Once you have registered your interest with me I will email you the score for Brahms 2.

The panel will be Robert Guy, an external conductor, and some outstanding 3rd year students representing a variety of instruments. The ensemble will also vote in the final round and in the earlier rounds the opinion of the players will be taken into account.

The choral conductor auditions will be announced separately to this.

What are we looking for?

· Above all you must be a talented enough musician with a good enough ear, to stand in front of our orchestras, bands and ensembles, listen and hear what they give you, and be able to make it better.

· You will be taught conducting technique, but a strong sense of pulse and the ability to communicate that with your gestures is vital

· You will be taught about rehearsal technique, but you need to believe that you can be confident but humble, and authoritative but not arrogant, in front of a large group of people.

· You will need to be hard-working, punctual, willing to be taught in front of an orchestra, extremely organised, and able to work co-operatively with the Concert Managers, Personnel Team, Programming Manager etc.

The conducting programme at the University of Manchester is unique in the UK. The opportunities and guidance given to student conductors in a wide variety of genre are unsurpassed anywhere at undergraduate level.



Mhairi Carson

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