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MUMS House Jams

Dexter Drown
Feb 6, 2021

Our society is currently not allowed to organise any in person activities, despite this, we have managed to keep live music making alive because many of our members live in houses together. If your house want to get involved just email Emily and Harry at:

Check back each week for a new video!

Here is the 8th instalment of our House Jam series! Big thanks to Minnie, Angus, Ethan and Emma for their 2nd House Jam, we hope you're not a-Paul-ed by this rendition!

Presenting: 'Toccata Will Fly Seven Rhapsody Dreams to Crazy Bonkers Day'!

This is the 7th instalment of our MUMS House Jam series!

This is the 6th MUMS House Jam upload, with another 3rd year house performing 'Waterfalls' by TLC.

This is our 5th Installment of MUMS House Jams and is a halloween special! - 'Thriller'

This is the 4th instalment of 'MUMS House Jams' - 'Love Shack' produced and edited by Gabriel Lumsden assisted by Charlie Willis.

Here is our 3rd Installment of MUMS House Jams! - 'Blame it on the Boogie'

'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' and 'Wind the Bobbin Up' performed by 3rd year MUMS members - Withington.

The first instalment of 'MUMS House Jams' - 'Hips Don't Lie'

Arranged by Emily Camburn and performed by 3rd year MUMS members from Withington.

Dexter Drown
Dexter Drown is a student conductor, Musical Director of Brass Band, and Treasurer for the society.

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