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MUMS Committee Elections

Alex Cross
Feb 7, 2021

Its MUMS Election time!

The time has come to open up elections for the 2021/22 committee. Want to make a difference in MUMS next year? Have you got lots of ideas and keen on sprucing up your CV? Now is your chance to stand for a position in the most ambitious and creative music society in the country.

Applications are now open for the following positions:

  • President (x1)
  • Secretary (x1)
  • Treasurer (x1)
  • Social Secretary (x2)

Details about each position - and contact information for any questions regarding the role - can be found further below. You may only apply for one position (in this round).

It is important to note that further roles will be available later in the semester: Vice-President, Head Concert Manager, Ensemble Managers (MUWO, MUSO, MUBB and UMBB, x2), Programming Managers, Personnel Managers, and Librarians. These will be held in a further round and are interviewed (by the current and new President, in addition to the respective current holders of each role). Please keep an eye out for these should you be interested, as they will take place later in the semester. 

Details about the election process this year:

All those wishing to apply for the first round of positions must do so by Friday 12th February at midday: to apply, email Luca at detailing which position you are applying for, and the manifesto/poster you wish to be used for your application.

The election itself will be taking place this year on Monday 15th February, (09:00 - 21:00).

  • ​You may only apply for a position if you are a MUMS member. 
  • You may share manifestos/posters only after Friday 12th February - via MUMS Updates.
  • You will only be able to vote if you are a registered MUMS member. The voting process, as in the past, will be done online: votes will be cast through a Google Poll and all email ballots will be checked with MUMS membership.
  • To run for one of the elected positions - President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Social Secretary (x2) - you will need to provide a single page manifesto / poster which will be available to be seen by all of our members - this can be posted on MUMS Updates in advance of the election, and will be attached to the voting link posted on election day.

A short description of the roles you can stand for can be found below:

President – Luca Hughes-Piper,

The President of MUMS oversees and guides the society from an artistic, financial and logistical position, and are the public face of the society. They have overall responsibility for the society and must have a passion for improving the quality of practical music making at the University of Manchester.

Secretary – Lois Hantonne,

The Secretary is the general administrator of the society and organises all committee meetings and the AGM. The Secretary is responsible for signing up new members and making sure their details are held correctly in the database. They will also work closely with the Vice President, the publicity representative, to ensure that information about our concerts and events reach as wide an audience as possible.

Treasurer – Dexter Drown,

The Treasurer maintains the MUMS accounts and books, by keeping all records of transactions and reconciling with bank statements. They also have to submit applications for funding / sponsorship, pay lots of invoices, and produce budgets so that Publicity and the Programming team can hire music and produce flyers / programmes etc.

Social Secretary (x2) – Hannah Reid-Dick and Henry Bole,

Usually the life of any party, the Social Secretaries organise the Christmas and Summer Balls, and as many other socials as they can! In light of Covid restrictions, they also plan and run online socials through platforms such as Zoom. As well as organising the socials, the secretaries will also have to promote them, and also work with the treasurer to ensure socials help raise money for the society.

Alex Cross
Alex is the Vice President of the society for 2020/21. She is in charge of all things publicity, and heavily involved in all MUMS events.

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