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Dec 12, 2021

MUMS Audition Info 2021/22

These auditions will be really useful in helping us to seat MUMS projects throughout the year. Bear in mind that these projects (like symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra) are seated on a rotational basis, so just because you aren’t in the first concert of the year doesn’t mean you won’t be in the rest - the seating changes every project! Your performance and commitment in projects throughout the year will also be taken into account alongside your audition when seating projects.

Auditions are open to anybody who was not already sent in an audition, or who feel that they have significantly improved throughout this semester.

String Orchestra and Wind Orchestra are un-auditioned ensembles, so if these are the only ensembles you want to be involved in then you don’t need to submit an audition. Brass Band and Big Band both have separate audition processes if you wish to be in these ensembles. The auditioned choirs (Ad Solem and Cosmo) are also auditioned separately for vocalists.

If you want to audition on multiple instruments, please submit these as separate auditions, and make clear which is your first/second study. You don’t need to audition on auxiliary instruments (piccolo, celeste, cor anglais etc.)

Link to excerpts:

Recording Guidelines:

●  Please prepare a solo piece of your choice (roughly 5 minutes - this can be a short extract from the piece if the piece is long), as well as the excerpts in the Google drive (if applicable to your instrument).

●  Your solo piece and excerpts don’t need to be in the same take, but please edit them together in one video to submit. For the excerpts, you only need to prepare the sections between the red brackets.

●  The excerpts for most instruments are taken from Dvorak’s Eighth Symphony.Piano and saxophone excerpts are taken from Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances.

●  Position your camera so that your video is in landscape mode.

●  Phone video and audio quality will be sufficient.

●  Place the camera far enough away so that we can see you and your

instrument clearly in the video.

●  Make sure that you test the audio and video before you attempt a full take of your piece and excerpts.

●  Be careful you don’t play too close to the microphone as this may distort the quality of the recording, in particular wind and brass players.

●  For your solo piece, you are welcome to find your own accompaniment, but if this is not available to you it is perfectly okay to record unaccompanied.

Some tips in order to get the most out of your audition:

●  Have a listen to the piece, taking note of tempos and styles.

●  We would like to hear a secure and consistent performance, therefore the

priorities are technical accuracy and expression. However, please try to match

the excerpts to concert tempo as much as possible.

●  Don’t underestimate the value of counting—it is very important, especially if

the excerpts are solo lines.


●  Please upload your audition as an unlisted YouTube video, and email the link to with ‘MUMS audition submission’ as the subject heading. Please also include in the email your course title and year of study (e.g. Maths, 2nd year), as well as a brief summary of any previous relevant experience you have.

●  The deadline for submissions is the 28th of January.

●  Include in the title of the YouTube video your name and instrument E.g. “Joe Bloggs, Didgeridoo, MUMS audition”.

If you have any issues with the audition process (such as access to instruments, recording difficulties etc.), please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email us

Good luck!

Caroline Morris and Ben Attfield

MUMS Personnel Managers

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