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Committee Applications 2022/2023

Mar 22, 2022

Second Wave of MUMS Elections  

We are now accepting applications for the following roles: Vice-President, Head Concert Manager, Head Ensemble Manager and the Head Outreach Manager, with deadline for applications being FRIDAY THE 25TH OF MARCH. Each applicant will be invited for an interview, after which all are completed, the successful candidates will be announced.

Applications can be made by filling out this google form:

Please read the descriptions of the roles below, to see if you would like to apply.

Vice President

The Vice President’s main responsibility is leading the publicity team and is therefore in charge of MUMS’ online presence. This is not only a crucial communicative role for our members but also our online reputation as a society and musical organisation. They also aid the President in tasks, taking on some of their responsibilities when required and be prepared to step-in should the President be away. The President and Vice President cooperate to make large decisions and work with the department to coordinate how MUMS works. Likewise, the Vie-President is also given the opportunity to arrange a MUMS tour should that be suitable. Applicants are to prepare any experience they've had working in publicity, what they can bring to the role, and leadership qualities. 

Head Concert Manager 

The Head Concert Manager is responsible for overseeing the management of all concerts under MUMS with a particular focus on evening concerts throughout the academic year. The Head Concert Manager also cooperates with Head Ensemble Manager to arrange open rehearsals and concerts for MUSO, MUWO, Brass band and Big Band to make sure there is strong communication, that rehearsals are run smoothly, and to arrange concerts for said ensembles. The Head Concert works with the present to communicate and cooperate with the Music Department as well as the Martin Harris Centre. In addition, the Head Concert Manager works with our Artistic Director, Robert Guy, to organise orchestral rehearsals and concerts, whilst communicating with the librarians and conductors. The Head Concert Manager will be responsible for running a small team of concert managers, who will look after the orchestral projects on a rotational basis. 


Head Ensemble Manager 

This year we have decided to introduce a new role within the MUMS committee. This role will work as a representative and manager of MUSO, MUWO, Big Band and Brass Band, making sure that the concerns of these ensembles are heard at committee meetings. The Head Ensemble Manager will work with the Head Concert Manager to arrange all rehearsals (e.g. booking rooms) and coordinate ensemble concerts and open rehearsals throughout the academic year. In this sense, the Head Ensemble Manager will need to cooperate with Robert Guy, the Martin Harris Centre, and the President to make sure the standard of ensembles remains high and that all rehearsals run smoothly. This role should host small meetings throughout the year with the ensemble managers to guarantee that they are satisfied. 


Head Outreach Manager 

The Head Outreach manager is a hugely rewarding role within MUMS; applicants should have an enthusiasm for spreading music to people who might not hear it otherwise. They coordinate and lead a team running different outreach initiatives whilst also running one strand of outreach and contributing towards as much of outreach as possible. Finally, the Outreach Manager also helps to arrange the Grade1athon during Estival.  The Head Outreach Manager should represent the outreach strand within the MUMS committee.

All applications for Head of Outreach will also be considered for the outreach coordinator roles. If you are interested in applying to be a coordinator, please apply for the Head of Outreach role- we will use the interviews to work out the best fit for you.

The coordinator roles:

- Relaxed Performances coordinator

- Chamber group coordinator

- Choir coordinator

- Primary Schools coordinator

- Orchestra coordinator

Good luck!

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