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Teaching scheme

Welcome to the Manchester University Music Society Teaching Scheme!

If you are interested in having instrumental lessons from one of our members for a potentially cheaper price than you would get from a professional, please consult the list below to find a teacher who is suitable for you! Once you have chosen someone to be your teacher, you can email personnel at and we will  give you their contact details. Then it is up to you to contact the student yourself to arrange lesson times and prices. If you have any further questions about this, contact Personnel at the above email.  

Teacher Profiles:

Eleanor Jarvis
Offering lessons in: Voice, Piano, Conducting
Relevant experience: 3 years experience as a private voice and piano tutor teaching young children from a beginners standard. Grade 8 distinction in both Classical voice (ABRSM) and Piano (LCM), Gold award in choral singing (RSCM) Has experience in pop and musical theatre repertoire Current first study conductor so would be happy teaching anyone interested in conducting

Dulcie Scott
Offering lessons in: Bb clarinet
Relevant experience: I have played in youth orchestras my whole life, and in particular I have played alongside small children and taught them as we played. I am also a music student and clarinet is my first study!

Jasmine Arnold
Offering lessons in: Piano, Bassoon
Relevant experience: Taught grade 1 flute, who received a distinction. Accompanied many ABRSM exams including Cello ARSMdip. Taught my brother piano, who received distinction at grade 7. Taught grade 5 theory to GCSE music student who received an 8 in their GCSE.

David Young
Offering lessons in: Piano
Relevant experience: I'm a third year music student at the University of Manchester and a first study pianist. I have been playing piano for 10 years and achieved a diploma level of playing. Having taught in other subjects, I am looking to begin teaching piano, and am able to teach at any level.

Cameron Hood
Offering lessons in: Flute
Relevant experience: Been playing flute for 11 years. Taught flute lessons whilst I was doing a-levels which all went well but I had to focus on studies although I now have a decent amount of free time so would be very happy to teach again especially seeing as I have gained a lot more experience on my instrument through flute lessons at uni over the past two years.

Ziluo Huang
Offering lessons in: Violin
Relevant experience: I am now a PhD student in musicology and I have just finished my master degree (distinction) at Royal College of Music. I am really interested in violin playing and teaching.I had many concerts and teaching experience over the past three years. I am able to teach all levels. I wish I could pass on all my music knowledge and skills to the students and share the joy of music and violin playing with my students!

Deniz Dortok
Offering lessons in: Electric Bass Guitar
Relevant experience: I am a third year music student and I specialise in jazz performance with the electric bass guitar as my first study instrument. I play in all kinds of ensembles including the University Big Band and Wind Orchestra. I can teach jazz theory, walking bass lines and work on techniques to do with the electric bass for beginner/intermediate level.

Billy Baker
Offering lessons in: Piano
Relevant experience: Final year music student at UoM. Taught all ages, levels and genres. Distinctions in all classical piano examinations, including ABRSM Grade 8 and Trinity ATCL diploma. Performed at Symphony Hall Birmingham and Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London. DBS checked and member of the Musicians' Union.

Jess Daley
Offering lessons in: Flute, Baritone Saxophone
Relevant experience: Grades up to 8 in flute and saxophone. Played in many ensembles throughout my three years at uni as well as before. I have also taught beginner flute.

Benjamin Maybury
Offering lessons in: Flute, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Bagpipes
Relevant experience: Grade 8 Distinction (ABRSM) on Flute and Alto Saxophone. Grade 8 on Piano. I have two students piano for 6 months, I have experience of teaching piano to other students.

Tabi Butler
Offering lessons in: Saxophone, Piano, Drums
Relevant experience: I have taught as a peripatetic instrumental teacher for three years as part of the UVHS Primary Music Scheme and independently on saxophone, piano and drums. References can be provided for this experience if required.

Bosco Sungho Han
Offering lessons in: Violin
Relevant experience: Associate Diploma (ARCT) from The Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada). 1~2 yr teaching experience of beginners/intermediates (age from 5- 20)

James Cavill
Offering lessons in: Tuba, Piano, Recorder, Voice
Relevant experience: I have worked as a vocal coach/ tutor for musical theatre actors and students both beginners and advanced. I have taught piano to both beginners and more advanced students and I have a grade 8 distinction in tuba and a diploma in classical voice. I can also play and teach all the different kinds of recorders and have worked in a primary school setting as well as with advanced players.

Jacob Williams
Offering lessons in: Piano
Relevant experience: First study pianist currently in second year at the university. Very passionate about piano and have gained lots of experience over the last few years. Happy to teach any age and skill level.

Stan Lawrence
Offering lessons in: Trumpet (jazz and classical)
Relevant experience: I have performed and continue to perform in a variety of ensembles, like the National Youth Jazz Collective, Jewish Music Institute Big Band and London Schools Symphony Orchestra, amongst various University and county ensembles. I also regularly get hired for function gigs as half of a jazz duo. I taught jazz piano to 2 pupils for 6 months.

Kathryn Bradley
Offering lessons in: Voice, Piano, Music Theory
Relevant experience: I have taught voice, piano and music theory consistently for many years to students of all abilities and across several genres, including classical, pop and musical theatre. I also have experience teaching over Zoom and in person.

Dimitra Ananiadou
Offering lessons in: Violin
Relevant experience: Diploma of Harmony 9.7/10, Diploma of Violin 9/10, Bachelor and Master in Musicology  8.3/10,  Master in Performance 79/100, Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I have a passion for both teaching and performing. I'm good at working with adults ranging from amateurish to professional level. Let me know your plans and I will organize a suitable plan for you.

Eleanor Baxter
Offering lessons in: Voice
Relevant experience: Singing Teacher – October 2020 till July 2021 Reepham High School, Whitwell Rd, Reepham, Norwich NR10 4JT
During the 2020 academic year I worked as a one-to-one singing teacher at Reepham High School, teaching various genres including musical theatre, contemporary pop, classical, rap and opera, to students aged 11 to 16. As well as preparing students for their GCSE performances, I also have several pupils taking music exams with Trinity, ABRSM and Rock School. I have also encouraged the students’ development of language, music theory, and sight singing. I tailored each lesson to each student’s ability and educational needs.
Music teacher – January till July 2020
Kings House, Surrey St, Norwich NR1 3NX
My role involved teaching composition to children aged 7 through to 11 whilst additionally conducting individual singing lessons and leading the choir. I successfully organised lesson plans in line with the curriculum objectives and continued to present a dynamic delivery to the children. Through this role, I was able to support the improvement of the children’s confidence in composition and performance, whilst working closely with colleagues and liaising with parents to ensure that children were both learning and enjoying their education. I have a strong passion for both children’s educational progress but additionally their respective self-development.
Online tutor – April 2018 till current My Tutor, 3-5 Fashion Street, E1 6PX
Working as a Maths and English tutor online, I have had the pleasure of teaching GCSE students from various backgrounds. My job role included working with children whom had special educational needs and those who speak limited English therefore I believe it to be vital that each individual’s way of learning is taken into account, through organising imaginative and stimulating projects to motivate the children. I believe patience to be extremely important when tutoring any child particularly when the lesson is to be delivered online, and I am certain that I am able to carry forward my skills in communication to this role.

Mia Titley
Offering lessons in: Piano
Relevant experience: Grade 5 standard. Had piano lessons at school but I’m wanting to carry on and improve.

Raian Moore
Offering lessons in: Piano, Violin, Drums
Relevant experience: Intermediate beginner at piano and drums - can play by ear but not sight read. Absolute beginner at violin but I’d love to learn

Hollie Buckhurst
Offering lessons in: Acoustic Guitar
Relevant experience: I have my grade 5 and currently doing my grade 8. Have done a lot of music accompaniment for choirs, soloists and groups. I've also done tutoring for a 9 year old

Jianxiong Li
Offering lessons in: Piano
Relevant experience: Learning piano for about 3 years before, but haven't played it for years.

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