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Within MUMS, we strive to create a safe environment for our diverse body of members. We celebrate our differences and draw on everybody’s unique experiences and perspectives on how our society should run. We believe our thoughts on inclusivity should be reflected everywhere from our concerts to our socials.

We have a lot of ideas about how to make our society great. The following points are important to creating an inclusive and fun space to make music.
-  Make a conscious effort in diversifying the music we programme; including marginalised groups that have previously not been programmed
-  We will strive to make our members as comfortable as possible and create an environment where students can express their identity freely
-  Ensure a diverse selection of guest speakers so society members can hear about a variety of topics from multiple perspectives
-  Promote moments of musical history that we believe are essential to our education but were not discussed in earlier stages
-  Create an anonymous submission form for society members to let us know about any issues they are having with inclusivity or otherwise; this will help the committee to keep improving our society to make everybody feel comfortable and included
-  Offer a wider range of socials to be accommodating of different preferences towards bars and drinking
-  Ensure everyone on the committee has an equal voice and feel comfortable expressing their ideas without judgement
-  Promote diversity through our new concert series ‘innovation and diversity’

We hope to continue improving the way MUMS runs, and we want to celebrate our diversity together. We’re looking forward to a wonderful year of making music together.

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