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Ensembles & Opportunities

Within MUMS there are plenty of opportunities to perform, compose, and generally get involved. Here you can find out about all of our ensembles that are available to join!

If you are looking for further information about our conducting opportunities please click here!

For our Virtual Concerts please visit our YouTube Channel


A student-led music festival that runs throughout the year aiming to celebrate female and non-binary music making.

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Our yearly operatic production which runs around halfway through the academic year. Keep an eye out for auditions!

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Our Outreach program gives MUMS members the opportunity to give back to the community. It mainly consists of three projects: Care Homes, Outreach Choir and Outreach Orchestra, but there are a whole range other opportunities that are available.

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Concerto and other opportunities

Throughout the year we aim to put on a multitude of other opportunities including auditioned concerto performances as well as regular socials. To stay in the loop make sure you sign up to our Sunday Update newsletter and join our facebook group: MUMS Updates.


Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra is one of our flagship ensembles, having performed a long list of very impressive repertoire. Musicians in the ensemble have the opportunity to play a wide range of music ranging from symphonies and concertos to choral-orchestral works (alongside the Manchester University Chorus). The orchestra is seated on a rotational basis, informed by the MUMS auditions and previous performances. Often the orchestra is conducted and rehearsed by our Artistic Director, Rob Guy.

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Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra is a non-fixed ensemble that operates in a similar way to the Symphony Orchestra (with rotational seating based on the MUMS auditions) except is more varied and flexible from performance to performance. Make sure to sign up for a MUMS audition if you want to get involved!

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Manchester University Wind Orchestra (MUWO)

Manchester University Wind Orchestra (MUWO) is one of our fixed non-audition ensembles that play a range of contemporary wind orchestra music and is lead by our student conductors. For two years in a row, MUWO have won the platinum award at the National Concert Band Festival.

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Manchester University String Orchestra (MUSO)

The Manchester University String Orchestra (MUSO) is another one of our unauditioned fixed ensembles which rehearses weekly in the Martin Harris Centre. The ensemble is open to anyone at any level and welcomes new members! It is also conducted by our student conductors in the MUMS conducting program.

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Manchester University Big Band (MUBB)

The Manchester University Big Band (MUBB) is our flagship jazz ensemble which holds auditions at the start of every academic year. The ensemble performs contemporary jazz music and usually plays a number of concerts a year in the Martin Harris Centre and other venues such as Band on the Wall. The band is run by its Musical Directors which are elected by members of the band at the end of each year.

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The University of Manchester Brass Band (UMBB)

The University of Manchester Brass Band is another fixed and auditioned ensemble that operates as a part of MUMS. Formed in 2011, the band competes regularly in competitions and is a stellar example of one of the finest University Brass Bands in the country. It annually tours around the UK and Ireland to compete and play concerts and is conducted by the student conductors. Make sure to keep an ear out for the auditions at the beginning of each academic year!

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